Lanqing Gu

Lanqing Gu M. Arch.

+49 (0) 6151 16-22157

El-Lissitzky-Str. 1
64287 Darmstadt

Raum: L3|01 476

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Lanqing Gu is a Ph.D. student in the Urban Health Games Working Group in the Architecture Faculty of TU Darmstadt.

After receiving the degree of Master of Architecture from Tongji University, Shanghai, China in 2017 and one-year teaching architectural sketch design in UPro Design School, Shanghai, she started her Ph.D. project in TU Darmstadt in 2018. Her research focus is on the relation between urban environment and mental health. The aim of Lanqing’s Ph.D. research is to identify urban design elements promoting restorative effects in arterial streets of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main agglomeration, Germany.

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